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Luvan is a young and dynamic company which has developed into a reliable material conveying solutions provider, we serve various industries in the Mining, Chemical Engineering, Energy/Power Plants, Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceutical and Sanitation, leading EPCM and other industries worldwide.

Luvan is at the forefront of our industry in developing excellent equipment and services. We are committed in continuing the traditional value of full client satisfaction which has set the benchmark in the region and expertise with an international reputation.

EPC Projects

Luvan designs and builds a variety of modular belt conveyors, including in-land & over-land conveyors, radial stacking conveyors to our customers worldwide with reliable quality, effective cost & on-time delivery.

Solutions & services we offer

● Feasibility Studies ● Basic Engineering Design ● Detail Fabrication/Manufacturing Design ● Sourcing/Purchasing/Expediting? ●?Production, Project & Quality Management ● Field Installation/Supervision, Commissioning & Training ● Reliable After-sales Services

3D Design/Engineering – Modular Belt Conveyor
3D Design – Mobile Conveyor
Material Flow Analysis
Calculation – Mechanical

Modularized Design & Shop Fabrication

We apply Modularized Design & Fabrication technology to our material conveying systems, we effectively divide the whole system to several modules or packages. All the modules are fabricated and tested in our professional workshops, which optimizes the fabrication processes, improves the system quality and reduces the site workload.

Capacities and Experience:

Modularized Design – Belt Convyor
Modularized & Fully Shop-assembled Design – Shuttle Conveyor
Modularized Design – Feeder Conveyor
Shop Assembled & Tested Modularized Shuttle Conveyor
Shop Assembled & Tested Mobile Conveyor/Stacker
Shop Assembled & Tested Mobile Feeder Conveyor
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